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Design Services

Whether it's a brochure, a booklet, your company newsletter or even your business cards, professional design is the key to making a great impression. At Welsh Printing, we help you put your best foot forward with professional design services that make you look good on paper!

What to Expect:

  • Work with professional designers with years of industry experience
  • We take a collaborative approach, using our expertise and your input to enhance your finished project.
  • We help you maximize your budget, while making your business stand out!
  • Get fast turnaround time for all your time-sensitive projects

Professional Layout

You have all the right pieces. But you're not sure how to put them together for a truly impactful printed piece. That's where we come in! Give us your text, photos, charts, or illustrations and we'll turn them into eye-catching, professional brochures, booklets, or newsletters you'll be proud to show off to clients, customers or colleagues.

We can handle files in a variety of formats including:
Adobe - Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Pagemaker and Acrobat, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

We offer professional consultation in order to maximize your printing budget.

Illustration / Logo Design

Want to improve your brand image or create a unique illustration that gets your message across with flair? Our designers will work with you to create a new design that enhances your company image. We can even improve the look and feel of an original printed piece.

See us first for fast turnaround and quality design work that works with your budget. Plus we can handle all of your printing at the same location too. Go right from design to press with ease!

Digital Photo Retouching / Art Recreation

Have a great picture of your staff with a cluttered background? Need to resurrect some old photos from your archives to showcase your company history? Want to fix your pictures so they look more dynamic, vibrant or professional? Our digital photo retouching and art re-creation services are perfect for the job!

From color correction to photo enhancement, we can turn your photos into assets you can use in all your branded materials - website, brochures, booklets, directories, annual reports and much more!